Tiberium Silo

Since the storage capacities of the Refinery are fairly limited, Silos are used to store the precious but toxic green Tibeium crystals. These rather small structures are neither heavily armored nor expensive to build, but vital for your economy. A lost or captured Silo results in the loss of the crystals and therefore a decreasing […]


Tiberium Refinery

The Refinery is the backbone of your economy. Each of these structures sends out a Harvester that automatically heads towards the nearest Tiberium field where it collects the precious but toxic crystals. Back at the Refinery they are unloaded, processed and stored in the structures built-in silo. Protecting your refinery is vital to your success, […]


Power Plant

Building a Powerplant is the first thing you do when establishing a new base. Every structure runs on electricity, which is provided by these Powerplants. Your base’s energy demand increases with every strucre you build, that’s why it is important to regularily build new Powerplants as well. If your energy consumption exceeds your energy production […]


Obelisk of Light & Turret

These structures are the main anti-ground base defense mechanisms of the Brotherhood of Nod. Turrets are equipped with a 120mm canon that can easily penetrate heavy armored vehicles. They can withstand a lot of punishment before collapsing, making them your first line of defense. The Obelisk of Light on the other hand is an extremely […]



The Airstrip allows for airborne drops of armored vehicles. Purchased and sent to you by the supporters of the Brotherhood via large cargo planes, this structure is an initial component for establishing a powerful combat force. It is an expensive facility and its products are costly, but having tanks and other armored forces at your […]


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