Februar 15, 2021



Project Info

The Extractor processes the resources gathered by the Collector. The Collector drives in to the Extractor building at the big front gate. Vacuum tubes transport the materials from the Collector’s tank to cone mills in the lower portion on the right side. The milled down crystals and rock are then separated by flotation. The raised middle section of the building houses big vats, where strong acids dissolve the rock and electrolysis provides a mixture of valuable elements. The crystals are mixed back in and the solution is heated until all solid matter is dissolved. The two funnels atop the building carry off fumes and heat. The mixture runs through two pipes, each with a heat exchanger located on top of the left and right side of the building. Recrystallization provides pure and highly valuable resource crystals, which are stored in the two big silos at the back of the Extractor. The used acid is purified in the annex at the left side of the building, ready to be reused.

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