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Hi, my name is Marius. I am a motion graphics designer (B.A. communications design) who worked in game development and game publishing. In my freetime I create miniatures inspired by my favorite games. I design the models with a 3D software and then produce real physical figurines using my 3D printer, the Ultimaker 2+.
  • Research Reference Material
  • 3D Modeling
  • Pre-Print Model Optimization
  • Test Print
  • Further Model Optimization
  • Final 3D Print
  • Photo Documentation
  • Web Documentation

My work process is mostly identical. First I look for reference material, such as images or low poly 3D models which I extract directly from the game’s files. However these files aren’t usable for the printing process, which is why I create my models completely from scratch, giving me further control over each detail.

Afterwards I open the exported STL files with Cura, Ultimaker’s built-in slicing software. There I can pre-visualize how each layer of the model will be printed, which highlights problematic areas, which I then have to modify back in my 3D software. However a lot of details show up only after holding a test print in my hands.

Following this it’s back again to the 3D program for further model optimization: Enhancing certain details or getting rid of problematic parts unnecessary to the overall design. It’s a loop of rapid-prototyping the design and improving it accordingly until I receive a finished miniature.

Holding the fully assembled 3D printed model in your hands








Overall Tiberian Dawn Progress
GDI Buildings
NOD Buildings
GDI Vehicles
NOD Vehicles

I am currently busy recreating the complete set of buildings and vehicles from the classic RTS game „Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn“. All of my work is modeled from scratch and optimized for the 3D printing process. My designs are inspired by either the awesome work of the developers from Totem Arts, the creators of Renegade X, or directly by the original game itself. Therefore I search old manuals, cutscenes or marketing materials to create my miniatures as close as possible to those classic designs from 1995. My goal is to create models that can be printed without the use of support structures, because removing these from a print always results in an unclean surface. Deviding the model into different parts, printing them seperately and glueing them back together is one way to achieve a flawless finish.


Here is a list of the final printed models which I have created so far.
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Tiberium Silo

/Posted by: Marius (Admin)
Since the storage capacities of the Refinery are fairly limited, Silos are used to store the precious but toxic green Tibeium crystals. These rather small structures are neither heavily armored nor expensive to build,...
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Tiberium Refinery

/Posted by: Marius (Admin)
The Refinery is the backbone of your economy. Each of these structures sends out a Harvester that automatically heads towards the nearest Tiberium field where it collects the precious but toxic crystals. Back at...

Power Plant

/Posted by: Marius (Admin)
Building a Powerplant is the first thing you do when establishing a new base. Every structure runs on electricity, which is provided by these Powerplants. Your base's energy demand increases with every strucre you...


/Posted by: Marius (Admin)
Barracks are used to train infantry, which will be your first step towards building an army. Due to relatively low costs and fast prodcution these troops are especially important during the early stages of...

Mammoth Tank

/Posted by: Marius (Admin)
The legendary X66 Mammoth Tank is the heaviest vehicle in the GDI arsenal and on the entire battlefield alike. Equipped with two 120mm cannons and two anti air missile batteries it is a behemoth...

Weapons Factory

/Posted by: Marius (Admin)
The weapons factory gives you the ability to produce armored vehicles, making this structure an initial component for establishing a powerful combat force. It is an expensive facility and its products are costly, but...


/Posted by: Marius (Admin)
The Airstrip allows for airborne drops of armored vehicles. Purchased and sent to you by the supporters of the Brotherhood via large cargo planes, this structure is an initial component for establishing a powerful...


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Here are some of the frequently asked questions already answered for you.
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When I bought it, the Ultimaker 2+ was around 2.300€. But the prices are constantly dropping. So it might be a couple of hundred bucks cheaper by now.

That’s the material the printer gets loaded with to print the miniatures. Imagine a cable drum, but instead of electronic cables there’s a long strain of plastic on it. The drum gets attached at the backside of the printer. A gear grabs the material and pulls it in. When it reaches the hot end, the printer heats it up until it melts. Now the molten plastic can be printed layer by layer. Fun fact: The material is biodegradable.

Because I’m a nerd. That’s how we roll.

Totally. I already made one of the space ships from No Man’s Sky for a friend of mine. I also plan on doing stuff from Skyrim, FTL (Faster than Light), Sonic the Hedgehog or the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

Yes, indeed. I already bought a pretty good airbrush set, complete with compressor, different colors etc. Now I just need to do it.

I am thinking about it. I would love to set up a shop and sell my miniatures, since people keep telling me, they look amazing and they want some. But since I don’t own the rights to the IP Command & Conquer, I need to ask Electronic Arts for permission first.

Just send me an eMail using the form above and I will keep you up to date when I got some news about that topic.

That depends on its size and complexity. Smaller ones are done in a couple of hours or an evening. But bigger ones require sometimes several days.

Yes, I think Tiberian Sun is the next on my list. Just imagine a 3D printed Mammoth MK II or a Titan! And I guess a Kirov Airship from Red Alert 2 would look awesome as well!

Canon EOS 550D. A good piece of hardware.

Do you mean an African or European swallow?